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Fly environmentally aware with fAIRreisen

With an average of 10 tonnes of Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced yearly per person in Germany we are heating up the world. In the future however, the world’s climate will only be able to tolerate 2-3 tonnes per person. Air travel is currently and will continue to be the main burden on the environ-ment. On a worldwide scale the growth of air travel is estimated at 5% per year. (Source: VCD) Condensation, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen, which are produced by the combustion of kerosene at the height of 10 km are three times more detrimental for the environment than those produced on the earth’s surface.


On the other hand, flying is a necessity in our culture and is sometimes unavoidable.


Do you worry about the consequences of your air travel? Would you like to be more responsible for your environment? Then fAIRreisen can help. With us you can compensate for your CO2 debt .


This works in the following way:

You pay a voluntary climate protection supplement


We invest this in the production of CO2 free energy. The solar panels on our school roof therefore saves CO2 which you have produced through your flight.


Example: On a return flight to London 407 kg of CO2 are produced. The voluntary climate contribution is  10 €.


Since the existing CO2 savings of our 6,9 kWp – plant are quickly consumed, so the BBS therefore plans to increase this to 60 kWp for the beginning of 2008. The bbs-enAIRgy Ltd, created specifically for this, are responsible for the financing and running of this project. The environmentally friendly electricity production of this increased solar panel will save around 800.000 kg CO2 over the next 20 years. This saving of CO2 compensates for your flight.


Incidentally: Only 5% of people on the earth have ever flown in their lives.


Nonetheless: Flying should not be our first choice of transport. We have a great tip for you: Travel comfortably with the Deutschen Bahn.

Behave responsibly towards the Climate – with fAIRreisen


 fAIRreisen works in the following way:



We offer you two partnership models.


  • CO2 – Partnership I:You buy an agreed amount of CO2 to compensate for your air travel.
    • e.g. 5000 kg CO2 -saving costs from 100 € + USt.
    • e.g.monthly 1000 kg CO2– saving costs from 20 € + USt.
  • CO2 – Partnership II:
    • You pay the calculated CO2 comsumption each time you fly.


it works in the following way:

 We ask you each year about any air travel that you would like to compensate for. With the help of an atmosphere- emission calculator, we calculate the necessary CO2 saving. (


In both cases you receive a bill from us which you can then claim as work expenses. The bill is under the name bbs-enAIRgie GmbH. In addition you receive a certificate.


If you should have any questions, feel free to contact us at


A  fAIRreisen-Team ( 4 pupils) from BWR 1 class will happily visit your workplace and present to you our project. Please email us. We will get back to you to arrange an appointment.


We would be very pleased if you want to become a partner of the climate protection project, “fAIRreisen”

2   Individual customers

  • Using the website, you calculate the amount of CO2 emissions produced by your flight and therefore the cost of the voluntary charge.
  • This charge is paid to 
    Förderverein der BBS Osterholz- Scharmbeck
    Account number: Kreissparkasse Osterholz 
    IBAN: DE60 2915 2300 0000 2090 31
    Reason for payment: Donation – Project Fair travel
  • Please don´t forget to give your name and signature. The company will then send you a receipt for your donation.


Be responsible for the environment with fAIRreisen 

 All profits from the sale of our produced energy go directly towards financing the solar panels and the promotion of our climate protection project at the vocational school, Osterholz- Scharmbeck.


The roof of the school with the 6,9 kWp-plant.

fAIRreisen is a project under he patronage of the District Administrator, Dr. Jörg Mielke.

Torsten Emigholz , the director of the company, Poliboy , signs an agreement to support fAIRreisen.

At the trade show, “ Waste to energy” in Bremen, we drew people’s attention to climate change and presented our project.

In June 2007, the project was awarded the Go!Clean – Award.