Commercial Students of the BBS OHZ Complete Placements in GB

In February 2019 a group of six students of the BBS Osterholz-Scharmbeck completed Erasmus+ placements in Worcester/ Great Britain. Organised by teacher Michael Felsen, the counsellor of international affairs Tanja Köster and Peter Corbishley from Principia Language School Worcester, the students got to know a lot about British culture and work life. In different placements, from kindergarden to retail, the students have gained many valuable experiences for their future work life and of course for their personal development. The accommodation in host families fostered the students’ spoken English as well.

But there were also a lot of leisure activities. Excursions to Gloucester (also a well-known film set for Harry Potter movies) and to London became highlights of the three weeks stay. Another highlight was the invitation from the Worcester Rugby Club and Principia Language School to visit the rugby Cup semi-final in Sixway Stadium.

But the students could also see the first effects of the approaching Brexit. This would perhaps end a successful 12 year partnership of BBS OHZ and Principia School of Language that enabled more than 100 students to gain work experiences in GB. Let’s hope for the best!

Students of the class BWE

Students at Gloucester cathedral